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Poster: Reade Date: Oct 15, 2012 11:24am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: those jerseys

Well, thanks to FE photographer, I have NOW seen a still of Jerry in a FE jersey. (From the same night as the video).

A few notes about these jerseys, in the event anybody gives a hoot (I know, not bloody likely)........

I noted with mild embarrassment after posting the links above to photos of Phil and Billy wearing their FE jerseys in Wisconsin a coupla months later ...that they are in fact NOT the same jersey at all. P & B's have shoulder striping and the Fillmore East lettering is different and somewhat larger. Plus, again with respect to the photo shared by FE I can see that both Phil and Bill ARE NOT wearing the same FE jerseys as the rest of the band the night of 2/14/70, or in fact any FE jersey at all. (They are the two most obscure members of the unit given the video from 2/14- they're hard to see at all much less what they're wearing. I guess I assumed after seeing Jerry and Bob and Pig and Mickey similarly attired that they all had them on). It interests me that the two guys who aren't wearing FE jerseys on the night of 2/14 are the same and only two who are wearing them at the York Farm gig in Wisconsin on 4/26. Like Bill Graham didn't have enough to go around in February but he made it up to them at some point subsequently, tho not with the identical jerseys. (Talk about conspiracy theories- there you go!)

Now since this all had me dive into my copy of 'Live at the Fillmore East; a Photographic Memoir,' by Amalie Rothschild, I've think I've determined the following, and formed one question:

*There's a photo from 2/14 that shows NONE of the band in any FE jerseys so I'm thinking.... they played 2 shows that night? An acoustic and electric set in both?

*With regard to the different types of FE jerseys, photos (and their captions) in this book of FE staff meetings make it clear that there were two different kinds of Fillmore East staff, Ushers and House/Security staff.

*There's a photo of an Usher-only staff meeting and the only jerseys in evidence are identical to the ones worn by Bill and Phil in Wisconsin in April. So those two got Usher jerseys.

*There's a photo of an All-Staff meeting where both jersey types are in evidence, the Usher kind and the other variety worn by the band on 2/14. So it seems clear the jerseys worn by the guys on 2/14 are House/Security jerseys. There's a photo of a guy selling tickets at the front window- he'd be House Staff- and he has this type on.

*There is a third type of jersey just to gum everything up. It is similar to the Usher jersey but has a number on the front and back, ala a football jersey. And on this version nowhere do the words 'FE' appear- that in particular seems odd to me, but they do appear on more than one staff member, and in more than one photo. In particular, a photo of the Dead performing on 1/2/70 shows two of these guys (with the numbered jerseys) pressed up to the front of the stage, enjoying the performance with others. I'm guessing after a certain point in the evening after everybody had found their seat, etc., staff might have been free to boogie like everybody else. (Interestingly, this particular photo appears to be taken from the same place as the acoustic number (IBAATW) in the video, a little mini-balcony that was positioned above a side fire exit that was referred to in the book as a 'sound booth.')

What can I say? The morning was cold and damp, the coffee hot and delicious,... ya gotta give me a pass on this one people!

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Poster: light into ashes Date: Oct 16, 2012 11:15am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: those jerseys

This is quite an investigation!
Yes, I think the staff were free to boogie once the show got going.
There were two shows - only the late show had an acoustic set (due to time issues, probably).
Are you sure the alternate photo is from the same day? There are photos from the 2/11/70 show where they're dressed differently.
This photo is from 2/14, and it shows Phil & Billy wearing the FE jersey as well - which they're not in FEPhotog's picture:
In the video, Bill is in the white shirt in Hard to Handle from the late show (same as FEPhotog's photo) - Phil is invisible.
While in the Dark Star (from the early show) Phil is wearing the jersey.
So my guess is Phil & Bill changed shirts between shows... Which shows that FEPhotog's photo comes from the late show. (Another proof that it's not from the Dark Star medley!)

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Poster: Reade Date: Oct 16, 2012 12:07pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: those jerseys

The book I mentioned has, according to the captions that accompany the photos, stills of the Dead performing at the Fillmore East on 1/2/70, 2/11/70, and 2/14/70. All taken from that mini-balcony / sound booth to the stage-left side, above a fire exit. No Dead photo in the entire book is said to be from 2/13.

The photo that's attributed to 2/14/70 has none of the band members wearing FE jerseys as I mentioned- Jerry's in a black T-shirt and Bob's shirt is very light if not dead white. (It was used with the Dick's Pick's Vol. 4 packaging- Pig and Bob at microphones, Phil standing behind the drummers, some sort of smoke wafting above the amps, etc.)
In the 2/11 photo (with the Allmans on stage too), Bob has on a dark shirt and Pig's for that matter is a much darker shirt than he wore in the photo said to be form 2/14 also.

Soooooo, with what you've mentioned all I can think is maybe this '2/14' photo is mis-identified in the book?, and is actually from 2/13?

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Poster: bitman84 Date: May 1, 2014 7:14pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: those jerseys

Great investigation! I've been looking for one of those things for a long time. Curious if anyone out there knows where I might be able to find an original Fillmore East or West staff shirt?